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Pediatric chiropractic is a natural approach to health completely adapted to babies and young children. Gentle care helps children grow and develop healthily while reducing the physical effects of the small stresses of everyday life.



Chiropractic for newborns

Newborns and their parents consult us for a variety of reasons: post-partum visit, wellness care, breastfeeding problems, plagiocephaly asymmetries, ear infections, congenital torticollis or developmental delays. Whatever the reason, gentle, baby-friendly care awaits you.

Infants benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care. The time spent in the womb and delivery, even if it occurs naturally, puts a lot of pressure on the baby. This stress on the small structures of the spine and skull can affect the nervous system and its ability to communicate effectively with the rest of the body as well as its ability to receive information coming from the body by way of the sensory receptors. Some babies are even born with bruises, cranial deformities or complications indicating trauma to their neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

Newborns are unable to let us know how they feel with words. However, certain behaviors may signal the need for chiropractic care; baby turns his head more to one side than the other, has difficulty with breastfeeding or has delays with developmental milestones such as rolling over or crawling. Other signs include babies who cry a lot, seem uncomfortable in certain positions or have digestive problems such as acid reflux or colic.


Follow-up of the newborn during its first year of life

A chiropractic examination of the toddler can detect imbalances in the nervous, muscular or skeletal systems before they become obvious. A chiropractic follow-up will monitor the child's growth, ensuring that his primitive reflexes integrate well and that the child follows normal neurological development. Babies who skip certain developmental milestones may have difficulty later on with their ability to concentrate, behavior or learning. By identifying these problems early, we ensure that all of these systems are functioning optimally, promoting ideal health and development for your child. The techniques used for the evaluation and treatment of babies are adapted to their particular size and delicate structures. Choose chiropractic to evaluate your baby early in life to ensure a good start, and especially to promote optimal dialogue between the brain and the rest of the body during this very important year.

As your child's health improves, you'll notice the positive impact chiropractic brings. We look forward to providing quality chiropractic care for your child.


Chiropractic for Children

​We work with children for a variety of reasons: wellness care, earaches, breathing difficulties, torticollis, developmental delays, learning disabilities, attention deficit, sensory integration disorder, concussions or other sports injuries. Whatever the reason, gentle, child-friendly care awaits you.


Follow children for an entire day and you will understand why they really need regular chiropractic care! Toddlers discovering their world often fall as they learn to walk, climb and navigate their world. Children are subjected to a variety of physical stresses while playing or participating in sports such as field hockey, soccer or gymnastics.Sports injuries are particularly problematic and many young people even suffer concussions. Also, poor posture at school and in front of the computer, television or tablet tax the muscles, ligaments and bones of growing youth. Some injuries are visible and perceptible, but others may go unnoticed. A regular chiropractic evaluation of your child will help limit the damage.

Childhood is also a good time to screen for postural disorders. A simple postural evaluation by a chiropractor can, for example, quickly detect cases of scoliosis, which would be at greater risk of worsening during growth spurts. Early and effective management of these postural disorders, sometimes in collaboration with an orthopedist in more severe cases, avoids persistent after-effects.


Moreover, we live in a very hurried and busy society that leaves little time for rest, imagination and free play. Children spend long days at daycare or school. Chiropractic care is the perfect solution to help mitigate these stresses from daily life and reset the nervous system.

We look forward to providing quality chiropractic care for your child. As your child's health improves, you will notice the positive impact that chiropractic care brings.

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